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You’ll often hear people saying things like “I can’t stand death by PowerPoint”, and “I need more hands-on”, or “I want to go on a real pentest and see what it’s like”.

I’ve been teaching IT Security since 2005 and it finally hit me. While I was helping by offering hands-on labs, and no death by PowerPoint in my classes,. I now realize that in order for me to be a better teacher I need to offer a more complete training program. One that can accomplish the following goals:

– True Measurable technical proficiency
o Taking a student from little to no experience to a real technical expert
o Providing both the student and potential employers with a method of measuring technical proficiency

– Community
o Creating a community of like-minded individuals all focused on “the journey and the process” not the goal (e.g. certification, and degrees)
o Creating a community of individuals that share their knowledge freely, advance the state of the art, and improve the state of IT Security around the world.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to completely revamp Everything I do as a trainer.

Here are the changes that I’m making:
– Creating lab-based classes that cover the fundamentals that a lot of InfoSec students lack
– Creating lab-based classes that fill gaps a lot of InfoSec professionals have
– Transition to completely hands-on skill validation based training.

Member’s Only Blog

Bash Scripting. Shebang

Introduction: The command interpreter or shell is a program that allows users to interact with the system, processing the orders that are indicated. The commands that can be invoked from the shell can be classified as internal (actually correspond to commands interpreted by the shell itself) and external (correspond to executable files external to the […]

Easy HoneyPots – Canary Tokens:

Introduction: The familiarity of web bugs maybe some image that tracks some users when they open an email, these features work using unique embedding URL in a page image which creates a TAG and generates an incoming GET request. Those are the principles of Canary Tokens, the application of the previously described aspect applied to […]

How to find stuff in Linux

You’ll often find yourself looking for things. Here are some useful tips for just that. There are some commands that have proven useful for finding things in Linux. find is a popular command line tool that searches for files in the directory hierarchy. The command searches the current directory and recursively searches subdirectories for the supplied […]


Linset is a tool of Spanish origin for that reason we have some screenshot are in Spanish. If you are one of the people who like to test the security of wireless networks, Wifislax is the Linux distribution that will help you a lot. In this blog, we will show you one of the tools […]

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