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You’ll often hear people saying things like “I can’t stand death by PowerPoint”, and “I need more hands-on”, or “I want to go on a real pentest and see what it’s like”.

I’ve been teaching IT Security since 2005 and it finally hit me. While I was helping by offering hands-on labs, and no death by PowerPoint in my classes,. I now realize that in order for me to be a better teacher I need to offer a more complete training program. One that can accomplish the following goals:

– True Measurable technical proficiency
o Taking a student from little to no experience to a real technical expert
o Providing both the student and potential employers with a method of measuring technical proficiency

– Community
o Creating a community of like-minded individuals all focused on “the journey and the process” not the goal (e.g. certification, and degrees)
o Creating a community of individuals that share their knowledge freely, advance the state of the art, and improve the state of IT Security around the world.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to completely revamp Everything I do as a trainer.

Here are the changes that I’m making:
– Creating lab-based classes that cover the fundamentals that a lot of InfoSec students lack
– Creating lab-based classes that fill gaps a lot of InfoSec professionals have
– Transition to completely hands-on skill validation based training.

Member’s Only Blog

Simple Event Log Analysis

Event logs provide information about applications and can be modified including parameters using cdmlets characteristics that help to dump these events into specific variables or simply to identify specific dates within system registers. The Log file analysis is an important task that allows us to get critical information about a service, an application or system. When we need […]

How can you Create an Evil Twin Access Point?

  Quick intro to Evil Twin: What is an evil twin access point? Basically, when it comes to security and especially Wi-Fi security, the name evil twin access point arises greatly. Basically, an attacker can imitate an actual Wi-Fi access point for the sake of getting to collect data from whoever attempts to access the […]

Web vulnerability scanner

w3af Definition w3af is another lightweight escalated web vulnerability scanner developed by the well able OWASP web application security programmers. Reporting is restricted and not as good as in Arachni. Nonetheless, w3af gives a decent foundation to vulnerability reporting. The vast playing point, or downfall dependent on how a penetration tester is fascinated by the project, is […]

Nikto open source scanner

Nikto is an open source scanner written by Chris Sullo. Used with any web servers (Apache, Nginx, IHS, OHS, Litespeed, etc.). This is a perfect in-house tool for scanning web servers. if you need test Intranet applications or in-house applications, then Nikto web scanner is what you need. Technical Characteristics: Nikto can scan for over 6700 items enabling it to detect […]

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