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  • Python For InfoSec Professionals

    by Infosec Addicts 57 Lessons in , $50.00 / month and a $25.00 sign-up fee

    COURSE DETAILS Python For InfoSec Professionals  This class aims at making students comfortable with using Python to perform simple IT Security tasks. Going beyond using other peoples’ tools in this field is the hardest step on the ladder to proficiency. This class will take you over that difficult step, enabling you to modify popular security […]

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  • Powershell For InfoSec Professional

    by Joseph McCray 13 Lessons in , $50.00 / month and a $10.00 sign-up fee

    COURSE DETAILS PowerShell For InfoSec Professionals The simple fact is if you are going to be attacking or defending modern environments with newer operating systems (Windows 10, Server 2016) – you need Powershell! There is no getting around it, and the sooner you drink the Powershell Koolaid the better InfoSec Professional you will be. Fundamentals: […]