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  • Hands-on Attacking & Defending Cloud (AWS)

    by Marcus Smith 9 Lessons in , $100.00

    Hands-on Attacking & Defending Cloud (AWS)   Amazon Web Services (AWS) runs the most popular and used cloud infrastructure and suite of services. IT Security professionals, DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud/IT admins will all benefit from learning how to test their cloud infrastructure.   This workshop is a hands-on training with guided walkthroughs, and scenario based attacks […]

  • Unlimited Bundle

    by Marcus Smith 2 Lessons in $89.00 / month and a $11.00 sign-up fee

    You can still get 4 classes for $44 – and 1 month Lab access for $89/month Only $89 a month.  

  • Powershell Live Webinar Course

    by Marcus Smith 1 Lessons in $25.00

  • Advanced Threat Hunting With Splunk

    by Marcus Smith 12 Lessons in $10.00 / month and a $90.00 sign-up fee

    When it comes to log analysis Splunk is one of the most popular enterprise grade solutions in the field today. It can pull logs from nearly any device in the network, and it can integrate with most of the popular security products on the market. In the InfoSec field today Splunk is a common tool […]