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In this course you will learn to use the tools and laboratory of infosecaddicts, we have the necessary lessons to start your adventure, we will teach you to download and install the virtual machine from us, also some basic Linux commands essential to start, animate that we promise you that this It will not be a lost time.


C1L3: Installing VMware Workstation Player

Author: Infosec Addicts

INSTALLING VMWARE WORKSTATION PLAYER First download the player from the following link: https://my.vmware.com/en/web/vmware/free#desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_workstation_player/12_0   We are going to download the Windows version. The filename will default to the correct version…

C1L4: Download the InfoSec Addicts Virtual Machine

Author: Infosec Addicts

If not yet downloaded you can save it from the appropriate link for your class. https://s3.amazonaws.com/infosecaddicts-vms/Ubuntu-17-10-InfoSecAddictsVM.zip Username: infosecaddicts Password:  infosecaddicts   Extract the contents to a suitable location for your…

C1L8: Installing open-vm-tools

Author: Infosec Addicts

As we are working on a Linux variant (Ubuntu) that supports open-vm-tools via the repository, we can ignore the VMware warning to update the tools. Once installed they will be kept up-to-date…

C2L1: Basic Linux Commands

Author: Infosec Addicts

Let’s get started with some basic Linux commands. These commands provide a wealth of information to the pentester allowing them to successfully navigate and exploit the target system. To open…

C2L2: The power of ls

Author: Infosec Addicts

THE POWER OF LS COMMAND The ls command is probably the most commonly used command and can provide lots of useful information. The ls (list) command lists information about the file(s) within a directory.…

C2L4: What is Vim?

Author: Infosec Addicts

Introduction: Vim is a text editor available in most *nix systems. It is an acronym for Vi Improved. Vim was originally developed by Bram Moolenaar as a clone of Bill Joy’s vi…

C2L5: Getting Started

Author: Infosec Addicts

First off, vim has a fairly extensive man page accessible with the following command: the main vim – view the manual page for vim To begin with launch vim from a…