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Our GPEN course is a completely self-contained online course that focuses on preparing you for the GPEN exam with content, videos, and of course and hands-on exercises. Penetration testing is a critical part of any organization’s IT security program and is required by multiple regulations and standards. This course will ensure that you are prepared for the exam and have the ability to discover, assess and mitigate threats to information assets. In order to pass the GPEN certification you must demonstrate an understanding of penetration-testing methodologies, the relevant legal issues and the ability to properly conduct a penetration test using best practice technical and non-technical techniques.

Our program is designed around the GPEN topic areas and provides you with a quick and proven method for mastering the huge range of knowledge defined in the GPEN Exam Certification Objectives & Outcome Statements.


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Joseph McCray



Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction: A penetration tester assesses the security posture of the organization as a whole to reveal the potential consequences of a real attacker compromising a network or application. Security assessments can be categorized as security audits, vulnerability assessments, or penetration testing. Each security assessment requires that the people conducting the assessment have different skills based [...]


Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction We can say that Nmap is a very useful tool to perform scans. Originally written by Gordon Lyon, better known by his alias Fyodor Vaskovich. It was created for the Linux operating system but nowadays it is already multiplatform. This is the correct tool, the results obtained with it are impressive if you want [...]


Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction Nessus is a program for scanning vulnerabilities in various operating systems. Who performs the scan in the target system, and Nessus, the client (based on console or graphic) that shows the progress and reports on the status of the scans. It’s very easy to use and allows you to perform vulnerabilities scans through all your [...]


Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction With this lesson, we will learn to identify the different types of exploits, besides that we will carry out some tests that will help us to understand better what it is about. Many vulnerabilities and attacks are discovered daily, remember that a hacker never sleeps. Learning objectives 1. Know the different types of exploits [...]


Author: Joseph McCray

Exploit Search Engines My target at the moment is a particular software product, and even version, and thus this search engine is my next stop: It will search some exploit databases, exploit-pack vendors, and frameworks for matches. From the infamous: (site, search, github, github binary) (site, search)   To the classically [...]


Author: Joseph McCray

The purpose of this laboratory is to achieve a remote connection from ubuntu to windows. We need ubuntu with the Metasploit tools and be a connector in the same network of the windows computer. Below we have the images of the entire installation process Open Terminal and run the following command sudo apt-get install -y postgresql [...]


Author: Joseph McCray

Compiling code in Windows If built with the proper settings, Linux hosts will come complete with gcc, or Gnu C Compiler package. This package includes compilers for both C and C++ code. However, while Windows comes with the debug.exe utility for assembling low-level code, it does not come shipped with a C compiler. There is [...]