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This course is for IT professionals who want to develop penetration testing skills to enable them to identify information-system vulnerabilities and effective remediation techniques for those vulnerabilities.


C1L1: Introduction

Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction This lesson was made to demonstrate various characteristics related to the pentest+ course and explain the various factors which [...]

C1L2: Footprinting

Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction Just imagine, you as a hunter or a fisherman, I mean a professional. And you are preparing your excursion […]

C1L3: Scanning

Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction Once we have collected enough information (location, Network infrastructure, IP addresses, Protocols,  Infrastructure brand, Internal/external hosting, Cloud usage) from […]

C1L4: Enumeration

Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction: Enumeration is the method of identifying each domain that is present within the LAN. These domains are discovered using […]

C1L5: System Hacking

Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction: Once we have captured the most substantial amount of information from our target: 1. we have obtained information from […]

C1L7: Sniffing

Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction: After compromising a system or the machine of a user, there is no doubt that we can acquire much […]

C1L17: Cloud Computing

Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction: Cloud Computing is an on-demand offering of IT capabilities where IT infrastructure and applications are provided to subscribers as […]

C1L18: Cryptography

Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction: Confidentiality, integrity, authentication (CIA). Hash, security certificates, how the data is safeguarded. Basic concepts and its importance. Learning Objectives: […]

C1L21: IoT Security

Author: Joseph McCray

Introduction: The implementation of IoT devices does not prevent the probability of being compromised, on the contrary, its widespread use […]