Powershell For InfoSec Professional

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PowerShell For InfoSec Professionals

The simple fact is if you are going to be attacking or defending modern environments with newer operating systems (Windows 10, Server 2016) – you need Powershell!

There is no getting around it, and the sooner you drink the Powershell Koolaid the better InfoSec Professional you will be.


  • Simple programming fundamentals
  • Cmdlets
  • Variables
  • WMI Objects

Security tasks with Powershell:

  • PowerShell Tool Development
  • PCAP Parsing and Sniffing
  • Malware Analysis

Pentesting tasks:

  • Ping Sweeping
  • Port Scanning
  • Enumerating Hosts/Networks
  • Download & Execute
  • Parsing Nmap scans
  • Parsing Nessus scan

Tool development:

  • Programming logic for security tasks
  • Tool structure
  • …..and of course, integrating with Metasploit, and other security tools
Course By

Joseph McCray