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Python For InfoSec Professionals 

This class aims at making students comfortable with using Python to perform simple IT Security tasks. Going beyond using other peoples’ tools in this field is the hardest step on the ladder to proficiency. This class will take you over that difficult step, enabling you to modify popular security tools or write your own. Most importantly, it is all taught in a simple manner that won’t put you to sleep like most programming courses.


Class Outline

Programming Concepts, Parsing Files, Logs, and PCAPs

  • Python Basics
  • Text File Parsing
  • CSV File Parsing
  • Log Parsing


  • PCAP Parsing
  • Port-Scanning
  • Bind/Reverse Shells
  • Scapy
  • SQL Injection
  • XSS
  • Memory Analysis
  • Identifying/Classifying/Analyzing Malware
  • Exploit Development with Python
  • Debugger automation


Textbook Python


Other Lessons