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Ultimate hacklab – Self Paced (SP) – prep for hacking challenge lab exams like OSCP, LPT, eCPPT, and soon even the new CEH is going to be a hacking challenge lab as well.

If you want to know what it takes to pass hack lab challenge-based exams like OSCP, LPT, eCPPT then ultimate hacklab is for you.

The InfoSec Addicts Ultimate hacklab – Self Paced (SP) – is the best way for you to practice the skills required for almost any hands-on lab-based penetration testing/ethical hacking certification.

The Ultimate hacklab – Self Paced (SP) – gives you the opportunity to follow along with a structured and very detailed training program, and make your way through the labs and ask for help whenever you get stuck. You can run almost any tool and try nearly attack in the environment. The class is self-paced. You can sign-up ANYTIME, and start IMMEDIATELY.

The program outlines how to create your own lab environment, or you can connect to the InfoSec Addicts lab environment with almost any platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Kali Linux, other Linux distros) to go through the lab exercises.