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  • Linux For InfoSec & Comptia Linux+ Exam Prep

    COURSE DETAILS The Linux for InfoSec Professionals course was designed to not only teach you the security concepts and guidelines that will keep your Linux servers safe, it will walk you through hardening measures step-by-step.

  • Python For InfoSec Professionals

    COURSE DETAILS Python For InfoSec Professionals Night Class This class aims at making students comfortable with using Python to perform simple IT Security tasks. Going beyond using other peoples’ tools in this field is the hardest step on the ladder to proficiency. This class will take you over that difficult step, enabling you to modify […]

  • Powershell For InfoSec Professional

    COURSE DETAILS PowerShell For InfoSec Professionals The simple fact is if you are going to be attacking or defending modern environments with newer operating systems (Windows 10, Server 2016) – you need Powershell! There is no getting around it, and the sooner you drink the Powershell Koolaid the better InfoSec Professional you will be. Fundamentals: […]

  • Packet Analysis Network Forensics

    There are very few skills as core to network/system administration and security as packet analysis. I’ll be covering hard core command-line packet analysis from the ground up. We’ll cover TCPDump NGrep NTop Httpry Flow data analysis  and Malware pcap analysis 

  • Next Level Metasploit

    COURSE DETAILS Take your Metasploit skills to next level in this video series course that is designed to take a user from little to no experience with it to use of all it’s most advanced features. This is is a unique class due to the fact that it starts with an introduction to Ruby scripting […]

  • Network Pentesting Night School

    COURSE DETAILS The primary focus of the class is getting the student comfortable with tools and tactics used in modern network pentesting. Scanning & Enumeration  Attack Methodology Identifying vulnerabilities Attacking Windows Servers Attacking Linux Servers Metasploit Fundamentals  Auxiliary modules Post modules Writing your own Auxiliary modules Writing your own Post modules

  • Malware Analysis

    COURSE DETAILS The primary focus of the class is getting the student comfortable with tools and tactics used in modern malware analysis.

  • Exploit Development

    COURSE DETAILS EXPLOIT DEVELOPMENT COURSE DESCRIPTION This workshop takes participants from relatively little exposure to the subject of exploit development. We begin the class with lower level, easy to grasp topics and then expand on those rapidly throughout the day. For Students with a limited programming background and experience, worry not! Templates are provided for […]

  • CyberWar: Advanced Offensive Cyber Operations

    CyberWar: Advanced Offensive Cyber Operations Description Advanced Scanning & Enumeration – Attack Methodology – Identifying vulnerabilities – Using NMap NSE scripts – Writing your own NMap NSE scripts

  • Command Line Log Analysis

    Linux Command-line Kung-Fu is the real deal. It’s a down and dirty class on how to analyze Linux, Windows, and Cisco logs files with command-line tools. Grep Sed Awk Windows Command-line Kung-Fu Find Findstr Take it to the next level: Regular Expressions IP addresses Email addresses Social security numbers Bank account numbers Credit card numbers

  • Burp Suite Workshop

    Web App Security Testing & Burp Suite Fundamentals  Manual Web App Security Testing Fundamentals Understanding how to use Burp Suite to perform a web app test Integrating Burp with Skipfish Integrating Burp with SQLMap Day 2: Integrating Burp Suite with other tools and writing your own plugins  Using Burp to mask Nikto headers Running w3af […]