FREE Intro to Network Penetration Testing webinar

network penetration testing

In this FREE webinar Joe McCray will cover the fundamentals of the network penetration testing, and how to perform basic penetration testing tasks. This webinar is designed for people with little to no network penetration testing experience.

During this webinar Joe McCray will demonstrate how to use popular tools like Nmap, and Metasploit as well as scripting languages like Python and PowerShell to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

The webinar will run on the 1st of November at 1pm EST

Click the link below to sign up for this FREE webinar:


You as a webinar attendee can pay $25 log in to the same network that Joe McCray is attacking during the live webinar if you want to follow along with Joe McCray and attack the same machines that he is attacking. This will allow you to ask questions during the webinar and experiment with the attacks that Joe is talking about in real time.

Click the link below to pay $25 for lab access during the live webinar:

network penetration testing



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