InfoSec Addicts Intern Program

You can call it an internship, you can call it slave labor, or you can call it a bunch of hackers hanging out just hacking and learning. The Security Rookies – aka – “the r00kies” are a group of people that are interested in learning hands-on security concepts from Joe McCray. They are tasked with doing security research, writing documentation, proof-reading/editing IT Security courseware, and assisting on penetration tests and incident response engagements.


InfoSec Addicts Intern Program

What is required:

  • Attending the ONLINE meetings that are held on Tuesday evenings (7pm-9pm EST). Best effort shall be made to attend. If one can’t attend, prior notice shall be given to team lead asap.
  • Special meetings may be held at any time when called for by the team lead. Best effort must be made to attend or otherwise obtain the information from the meeting.
  • Each session will actually be a live training session with Joe McCray or another senior security consultant will be teaching the interns IT security skills such pentesting, forensics, malware analysis, exploit development, etc.
  • Agendas will also include discussing courseware development assignments, upcoming projects such as penetration tests, etc …
  • If more than two consecutive weeks are missed with no contact, team member shall be dismissed.
  • Best effort to complete assignments by due date shall be made. Notify team lead of any expected delays.


Skill evaluation and mentoring

  • Interns will have regular skill evaluations
  • Interns will be required to assist and mentor newer/lesser skilled interns
  • Interns will also mentor Strategic Security students


What are the Benefits/Perks:

  • Free access to IT security courses from Strategic Security (access granted based on work output)
  • Joe McCray will pay for your certification exams based on work output
  • You may assist Strategic Security consultants on penetration tests,  and other security engagements

After 1 year of being a rookie with satisfactory work output – Joe will take you to a conference (ex: Black Hat, Def Con) and pay the basic travel expenses such as Airfare, Hotel, and Meals.


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