Meterpreter Commands

What is meterpreter?

Meterpreter or a session of meterpreter is something that we obtain after making exploitation, and it allows us to obtain or do many things, it is the diminutive for meta-interpreter, and it is executed entirely in memory. In this blog, we will show a list of commands that are too useful at the time of an audit.

command list of meterpreter

It allows you to extract an image from the remote desktop.

meterpreter > screenshots

It allows to visualize all the information of all existing network cards in the attacked machine.

meterpreter > ipconfig

It allows to consult the type of user that the victim machine is executing.

meterpreter > getpid

meterpreter > show_mount

It allows to consult and modify the routing table.

meterpreter > route

It allows to load a file in a specific route, in the same way that the download command is necessary to use double slash when indicating the route.

meterpreter > upload

It allows to download a file from the machine attacked, it is necessary to make use of the double back-slash in the same route.

meterpreter > download

It allows to obtain information from the remote system such as:

1. Name of the machine.
2. Operating System.
3. Type of architecture.
4. Language of the operating system.

meterpreter > sysinfo

It allows to consult the time in which the user of the victim machine has been absent.

meterpreter > idletime

You are now ready to use the meterpreter commands after you compromise the victim host.

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This post was written by Ruben Dario Caravajal Herrera