Packet Analysis/Network Forensics

Course Outline

There are very few skills as core to network/system administration and security as packet analysis. The Packet Analysis/ Network Forensics course will cover hardcore command-line packet analysis from the ground up.

We’ll cover

  • TCPDump
  • NGrep
  • NTop
  • Httpry
  • Flow data analysis
  •  and most importantly Malware pcap analysisPacket Analysis/Network Forensics








The workshop is LIVE online, you can download the virtual machine for the workshop at:
user: infosecaddicts
pass: infosecaddicts

The virtual machine is not required for the class (basically any Linux machine will do).


This class will be live online on:

  • 9th and 11th of April 2018 from 7pm to 9pm EST

Class Cost

The class cost is $200.

Fill out this form to sign up for the class.

$200.00Select options


Unlimited classes:

If you know that you are interested in this class as well as other InfoSec classes then you should consider the unlimited classes package for $49.99 per month. You can find out more about it by clicking on the link below:


NOTE: Due to Joe McCray’s travel and work schedule (ex: short notice consulting/training engagements or changes to those ) classes may reschedule or cancel. In these situations a refund will be granted as the class will usually re-run the following week, or additional days will be added to the class schedule to make up for this.

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