If you are one of the people who only use Windows I found that solution PenTestBox has many of the tools that are in Linux. This is a good option if you are just starting and are using windows as an operating system.

Always the first thing we do is download the tool through the following link.



After downloading, we just have to unzip and double click as it appears in the following image.

This can take considerable time.


When everything is finished you will have a console with the following list of tools ready to use.

Web Vulnerability Scanners
sqlmap, burp, commix, dirs3arch, fimap, golismero, ironwasp, jSQL, nikto, padbuster
vega, wpscan, xenotix, yasuo

Web Applications Proxies

Web Crawlers
dirbuster, burp

Information Gathering
ipscan, dnsrecon, golismero, instarecon, knockpy, nmap, ncat, ndiff, responder snmpwalk, setoolkit
sslstrip, sslyze, sslscan, subbrute, automater, urlcrazy, theharvester, wireshark

Exploitation Tools
beef, sqlmap

Password Attacks
burp, Cryptohaze-Multiforcer, findmyhash, hashidentifier, hashcat-cli32, hashcat-cli64, hashcat-cliXOP
lazagne, johntheripper, patator, rcrack, rt2rtc, rtc2rt, rtgen, rtsort, thc-hydra

Android Security
androapkinfo, androarsc, androauto, androaxml, androcsign, androdd, androdiff, androdis, androwarn
apktool, dex2jar, drozer, introspy, jdgui, pidcat

Reverse Engineering
apktool, dex2jar, frida, frida-ps, frida-discover, frida-trace, jad, javasnoop, ollydbg, radare2, radare2directory

Stress Testing
doona, termineter, thc-ssl-dos

burp, dnschef, ettercap, responder, sslstrip, wireshark

Forensic Tools
autopsy, bulkextractor, captipper, dumpzilla, loki make-pdf-embedded, make-pdf-javascript, pdfsh
pedump, pdf-parser, pdfid, peepdf, rekall, winpmem, volatility

Wireless Attacks
airbase-ng, aircrack-ng, aircrack-ng-GUI, airdecap-ng, airdecloak-ng, aireplay-ng, airodump-ng, airolib-ng
airtun-ng, besside-ng, easside-ng, ivstools, kstats, makeivs-ng, packetforge-ng, tkiptun-ng, wesside-ng, wpaclean, wifi_honey

Text Editors
atom, vim


If we open our pentestbox console and write the following.


we will obtain the following result

I invite you to try each of the tools that pentesbox has integrated. These can help you in case you don’t have a Linux computer nearby.

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