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Pentester Candidate Program January 2018

On the 6th  of January 2018, Strategic Security will launch the Pentester Candidate Program. This program is designed to satisfy the basic requirements of a penetration tester. The program will cover the most common technical and soft skill requirements. Top candidates will later receive job interviews for a remote penetrating testing job. This is through partnership with several penetration testing firms

Top candidates may receive interview opportunities for a cleared penetration testing position. This is more so for those with a US Security Clearance and who live in either the DC, Maryland or Virginia areas.

This is the real chance more so for those who REALLY want to become pentesters. It is the perfect combination of hands-on training, mentorship, and a real job opportunity.

Pentester opportunity just ahead

What is covered in the pentester program?

This program is hard, though rewarding. It will cover the following subject areas:
  • Command-Line Kung Fu
    • Linux Command-Line Fundamentals
    • Windows Command-Line Fundamentals
  • Network Penetration Testing
    • Scoping a penetration test
    • Performing a Penetration Test
    • Reporting penetration test findings
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
    • Scoping a web application penetration test
    • Performing a web application penetration test
    • Reporting web application penetration test findings
  • Python For InfoSec Professionals
    • Log parsing with Python
    • Pcap parsing with Python
    • Network testing with Python
    • Web App testing with Python
  • Preparing for a job as a Penetration Tester
    • Resume assistance
    • Assistance with building a portfolio based on this program
    • Mock interview
    • Interviews with up to 10 Penetration Testing firms for top candidates
    • Interviews with up to 5 DoD contractors for top cleared candidates

Pentester tools.

How is the pentester program delivered?

Candidates will receive a set of tasks each Monday. They are to complete the tasks by Sunday at midnight EST. The tasks include:
  • Reading
  • Watching videos
  • Lab exercises to perform

On Saturdays from 4-6pm EST, a live online training session/QA period will be held.

What are the for the pentester program?

This program is more about desire. More so, it is about work ethic and ability to work in a team environment. Although Technical ability is important, it is not the most required attribute. That being said, candidates should have:
  • Familiarity with both Windows, Linux, and VMWare
  • Familiarity with basic programming concepts
  • Ability to commit 8-12 hours per week to the program

What do you receive?

  • Access to the training program
  • Weekly group mentoring sessions with Joe McCray
  • Monthly chances to speak with hiring managers and team leads. These are managers from security consulting firms. This will happen for each month of the program
  • Log book of all of your labs. This is a technical walk-through document demonstrating your proficiency to companies you interview with
  • A letter of reference from Joe McCray
  • Top candidates are guaranteed interviews with consulting firms and DoD contracting companies.

Candidates will have a chance to take ANY and AS MANY classes that they want from InfoSec Addicts. This will come as part of this program. Most notably, as many as 20 classes are held per month.

This program will run for 3 months. It will run from the month of January up to the month of March 2018. Interviews for top candidates will occur later in the month of March 2018.

Please fill out the form below to sign up for this program.

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  1. I just paid for the Penetester Academy Program for my Son. It is being shipped to my address however is for my son. Will he have a problem signing on, logging on or completing the Program? The order needed to match the name on the credit card. My email address is [email protected]. My cell phone is 857 207 2762. Tavis R. Carter 5 Downey Ct. Dorchester, MA 02125.

  2. Signed up for the course “Pentester Candidate Program”.How long does it take for them to respond to the enrollment.I didn’t receive any messages as of now.

  3. I need to set this program up for my son, I simply paid for it. can you help me? I was expecting something in the mail.

    Tavis Carter

  4. This appears to be a “Bate-n-switch”…. The advertise cost is reduced to 300USD but when you attempt to sign up it shows 750USD.
    ???? Questions abound!

  5. As of today (6.27) the PayPal link to pay still shows $750. I know at least 2 people that want to sign up, but you need to change the payment in PayPal first.

  6. Hello.

    I was told I could sign up here for $300 but the link is prompting me in PayPal for $750. Is it too late to get the $300 price?

  7. So, when is the exact last day to register for the course for $300? I’m very interested.

    Michael McGuire
    former SecureNinja CEH student

  8. I just signed up today 6/28. Will I receive what I need before the July 1 start date? What exactly is in the “welcome package” ?

    • Hello, yes absolutely. Everything is done online, our classes are designed for everyone no matter where you are. Regards.

  9. I haven’t received a single email, notification or anything about a class that’s supposed to start today. Is there going to be ANY communication here or what? This really isn’t sounding too promising to be honest

    • Hello, no it is not too late to sign up, elsewhere, you should sign up immediately if you are still interested. Regards.

  10. Hello, I am interested in taking this pentester program but don’t know if it’s also possible for people not dwelling in the US. Tell me more about it, please. Also, is there limit seat, I see it will run in January 2018 and cost $200. If so, let me know. Thanks for your reply

    • Hello, the Pentester candidate program was moved and thus will start from the 4th of November 2017. yes, there’s no hindering you from participating in the program as it is purely online. The class has no limit. Hoping to see you there. Regards.

  11. Hello, is it possible to pay monthly like you did on the past? If i remember well of course… you do 200€ for the 3 months but thats hard to me to pay this in 1 month, so Can i pay 75 per months? 75*3=225$ you win 25$ more and i win unbelievable knowledge with master Joe and his team


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