Mentorship 2 Months


This two-month mentorship program will change your life. In this one-on-one training regiment, Joseph McCray will create an in-depth lesson plan for you. You will have lab time where you and Joe will and have calls where you can ask questions and get real-time answers and solutions.

Once you sign up, you select a time you are available for a call and have a call with Joe to set out your goals and expectations. Joe then creates a personalized study plan for you with tasks and goals you have to achieve and send to us. During these tasks, you will have calls and lab access time to talk with Joe and dive into the deep technical stuff with one of the world’s leading experts.

The training Duration for this plan will be for two month. Before applying for our mentorship program, please take some of our career goal quizzes.



To learn more about our mentorship program please watch the video below. You can contact us about mentorship here https://infosecaddicts.com/contact-us/






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