Tracerroute host dig ping whois

Linux has very simple commands, that at the time of an attack, we can use to obtain information quickly. All domains have a lot of useful public information, which we can consult easily with the following commands.

The host command allows you to search DNSs.


Dig (Domain Information Groper) is a command-line tool that searches DNS records.


The ping command allows you to verify the status of a specific connection or local host.

ping -c 4

You can indicate how many times you want it to be repeated or do it this way “ping” to make it infinite.

ping -c 8

The traceroute command determines the route that an Internet Protocol (IP) packet takes to reach its destination.


The whois command is the one I like the most because, with it, I can get a lot of information such as who it is, phones, mail, address…


After knowing the Linux commands mentioned here, I invite you to perform proper tests, with the desired domain and analyze all the information that you will obtain.

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