Python For InfoSec Professionals

Python For InfoSec Professionals Night Class

This class aims at making students comfortable with using Python to perform simple IT Security tasks. Going beyond using other peoples’ tools in this field is the hardest step on the ladder to proficiency. This class will take you over that difficult step, enabling you to modify popular security tools or write your own. Most importantly, it is all taught in a simple manner that won’t put you to sleep like most programming courses.


Class Outline

Programming Concepts, Parsing Files, Logs, and PCAPs

  • Python Basics
  • Text File Parsing
  • CSV File Parsing
  • Log Parsing



  • PCAP Parsing
  • Port-Scanning
  • Bind/Reverse Shells
  • Scapy


  • SQL Injection
  • XSS


  • Memory Analysis
  • Identifying/Classifying/Analyzing Malware
  • Exploit Development with Python
  • Debugger automation

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Students will receive

  • 30 hours of CPEs
  • Courseware slides
  • Lab Manual

Class Videos

Each class will be recorded and made available to the students via email. So you can keep up with the class even if you have to miss time or even a whole day.


Each student will receive access to an InfoSec Addicts Group ( for the class. Groups are where students can ask questions outside of the regular class hours, work with other students on lab exercises, homework, and challenges.

A class mentor is assigned to the InfoSec Addicts Group to answer questions (allow one day for responses).

Similarly, a Customer Relationship Manager is assigned to the class to manage questions and support issues.

Class Schedule

28th and 30th of May 2018 from 7pm to 9pm EST


Class Cost: $200

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Unlimited classes:

If you know that you are interested in this class as well as other InfoSec classes then you should consider the unlimited classes package for $49.99 per month. You can find out more about it by clicking on the link below:


NOTE: Due to Joe McCray’s travel and work schedule (ex: short notice consulting/training engagements or changes to those engagements) classes may reschedule or cancel. In these situations a refund will NOT be granted as the class will re-run the following week, or additional days will be added to the class schedule to make up for this.

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15 thoughts on “Python For InfoSec Professionals

    1. I would like to take this course (many others as well), but due to my work schedule an almost never available at the time they are offered. Is it okay to pay for the course and watch the videos? I would much prefer to be in a class with Joe as I know him well and has taught me a lot in my career, but my current company does not give me the flexibility.

  1. I am just coming across this curse and would like to take it in the future. Will there be other dates for this course?

    1. Hello, there will certainly be other dates for the class in the future. Meanwhile be on the look so as not to miss any arising chance. Regards.

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