Ultimate hacklab – prep for hacking challenge lab exams like OSCP, LPT, eCPPT

Ultimate hacklab – prep for hacking challenge lab exams like OSCP, LPT, eCPPT

If you really want to know what it takes to pass hack lab challenge-based exams like OSCP, LPT, eCPPT then ultimate hacklab is for you.

The InfoSec Addicts ultimate hacklab is best way for you to practice the skills required for almost any hands-on lab based penetration testing/ethical hacking certification.

The ultimate hacklab gives you the opportunity to follow along with a structured and very detailed training program, and/or make your way through the labs and just ask for help whenever you get stuck. You can run almost any tool and try almost attack in the environment.

You can connect to the lab environment with almost any platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Kali Linux, other Linux distros).

Class syllabus:

  • Module 1: Connecting via VPN to the lab network
    • Connecting to the VPN with Windows
    • Connecting to the VPN with Mac OS X
    • Connecting to the VPN with Linux
    • Connecting to the VPN with Kali
  • Module 2: Scanning
    • Nmap
    • Net-Discover
  • Module 3: Module X: Enumeration
    • nmap NSE
    • rpcinfo/showmount
    • nbtstat
    • enum4linux
  • Module 4: Brute-forcing
    • Hydra
    • Medussa
  • Module 5: Vulnerability Scanning
    • Nessus
    • OpenVas
  • Module 6: Attacking web servers/web apps
    • Manual XSS/SQL Injection/LFI/RFI
    • Nikto
    • Dirbuster
    • Burp Suite
    • w3af
    • Arachni
  • Module 7: Compiling/Modifying Exploit code
    • Compiling code in Windows
    • Compiling code in Linux
    • Finding offsets
    • Changing out shellcode
  • Module 8: Client-Side Exploitation
    • Metasploit
    • Social Engineering Toolkit
  • Module 9: Transferring files
    • FTP
    • TFTP
    • VBscript
    • Debug,exe
    • wget/linux/bitsadmin
    • PowerShell
  • Module 10: Privilege Escalation
    • Linux
      • SUID binaries
      • Shell escapes
    • Windows
      • Identifying vulnerable services/misconfigurations
      • beR00t.exe
  • Module 11: Data-mining a compromised host
  • Module 12: Hashcracking
  • Module 13: Pivoting
    • Netcat/Socat pivot
    • SSH Pivot
    • Metasploit pivot
  • Module 14: Lateral movement
    • psexec
    • smbexec
    • winexe
  • Module 15: Data Exfiltration
    • ICMP Tunneling
    • DNS Tunneling
  • Module 16: Reporting


Lab Network Access

Targets in the lab network will change on the 1st of every month. Students have the option to purchase 3 months access to the lab environment.


Final Mission:

The actual training sessions are held each Saturday in the month of April, but students are given the entire month of May for the final mission.

Students will attack the servers and workstations in a different lab environment then the April training environment. These servers are much harder to penetrate than standard servers in the typical production environment. Similarly, these vulnerabilities are difficult to exploit (on purpose).


Students will receive

  • Up to 124 hours of CPEs (24 CPE for the actual training and the rest come from labs and challenges completed by the students)
  • Several virtual machines
  • Courseware slides
  • Lab Manual
  • Lab access


Class Videos

Students will receive all class recordings via their emails. This will help them keep up with the class even if they have to miss time or even a whole day.


Each student will have access to an InfoSec Addicts Group (infosecaddicts.com) for the class. Groups are where students can ask questions outside of the regular class hours. Additionally, this is where they can work with other students on lab exercises, homework, and challenges. A Strategic Security class mentor will be assigned to the InfoSec Addicts Group to answer questions (allow one day for responses). Likewise, a Customer Relationship Manager will get assigned to the class to manage questions and support issues.


Class Schedule

April 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th 2018 from 10am to 3pm EST each Saturday

Fill out this form below to sign up for the class.

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NOTE: Due to Joe McCray’s travel and work schedule (ex: short notice consulting/training engagements or changes to those engagements) classes may reschedule or cancel. In these situations a refund will NOT be granted as the class will re-run the following week, or additional days will be added to the class schedule to make up for this.

This post was written by Joseph McCray

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  1. Hello, interested but how much lab time is included in this offer price of 200 USD? Is this open for someone located in Brussels, Belgium?

    1. Hello, the standard price allows for 2 months lab time. And yes, this is open to everyone all around the world so sign up today. Regards.

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