Welcome HTS member to InfoSec Addicts

I see that you’ve come from HackThisSite.org (HTS)

They are great friends of ours, and have been for nearly 8 years. So when you go back to HTS please give them some love from us here at InfoSecAddicts. We really appreciate them and we of course really appreciate you as well.

We are a group of netizens that love InfoSec. We are attackers, we are defenders, but more importantly we are a community of people focused on the process or journey instead of the destination.

In other words we are in love with the daily grind of learning and teaching InfoSec much more than we are focused on InfoSec certifications like the CEH/CHFI/GPEN/GCIH/OSCP/OSCE and other similar receipts.

It doesn’t mean that mean of our addicts don’t already have these receipts, or are not currently working towards them for their professional/personal goals – it just means that here at InfoSecAddicts we do this because we love it.

This isn’t for everyone, but if you are someone that loves deep technical hands-on InfoSec then we hope that you’ll join us, learn with us, teach us, and more importantly grow with us.

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